Menu of the month

Venetian Cuisine and Padua Specialties 

Al Bosco specializes in the cultural cuisines of Padua and Verona, offering traditional dishes with a modern twist. Our menu is updated every month, with seasonal products and speciality offerings.

The Menu of the Month

First Dishes

Risotto with porcini, rennet apples and calvados (min. 2 pers.)
Bigoliin a sauce of anchovies and sweet tropea with tartare of red shrimp Mazara
Lasagne au gratin al ragouttino of Padua court, radicchio cream and smoked ricotta
Fine noodles, white truffle and cheese fondue
Gragnano noodles, cheese and pepper
Creamed potatoes, mousse zola and chanterelles
Gnocchi with pumpkin, mountain butter, Taleggio cheese and walnuts
Dumplings, bigoli, fettuccine "At Sauces" (fresh tomatoes, bolognese, ragout of Bosco)


Escalope of foie gras, apple and orange marmalade
Pumpkin quiche to the marina, Alpine cheeses and raw sweet Montagnana
Flan of cod fish, made of Williams pears and mint
Crudaiola of violet artichokes, Williams pears and goat drunk gleraSandwich polenta, grilled salami del Bosco and radicchio di Treviso IGP
Lukewarm octopus, romanesco cabbage and its cream
Half a dozen raw shrimps

Wood Grill

Presale lamb chops
Veal cutlet
Sorana nostrana thread
Sorana our local steak alla Fiorentina
Cost of heifer nostrana
Guinea fowl boned
Galletto nostrano
Rack of pork ribs

Main Course

Fillet heifer, our local chapel and porcini grilled
Rack of lamb and presale light bread crust on stewed red fruits
Fried chicken, eggplant tempura and mayonnaise taggiasche
Sea bass fillet, cream and cubotto marine pumpkin
Fried eggs with Alba white truffle

Wine list

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